Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Trying Again

Hi again, I am trying to add conference photos, blogger not cooperating this morning. Wouldn't you know it, the one day that I have time to do this :-)

I think its working now. The first photo is a photo of my hat, titled Adam and Eve, that was donated for the auction. My photo is not that great so you have to look carefully to see Adam, Eve, (with an apple in her hand) and the serpent, far left you can see the forked tongue.

Next photos are, Me with Maire Treanor, from Ireland, author of Clones Lace, and Vashti Braha, another great designer. There's me again with Susan Huxley. I met Susan at my very first CGOA conference and took a class with Susan and her husband Bob, on photographing your work. Great Class. If you look to the right that's my friend Phyllis Sandford, another author and designer. More banquet photos, me and Irene Ianelli, more banquet.

I think that's all the photos that I have to share.

Have a great day


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