Thursday, April 1, 2010

I have received a RAK (random act of kindness)

Hi Everyone,

I was not intending to post today, as I am so very busy. Finally having sent off a finished design, instructions done etc, and I was going to concentrate on my Easter Holiday, with my whole family.

Any way, I just came back from running errands and found a nice surprise in my mail box. I just had to stop everything and write about this. Several years ago I became aware of a movement, I think on or, called RAK. The premise is to randomly, as the spirit moves you, to do a nice thing for someone else, a random act of kindness, paying it forward, so to speak. No better way to feel great.

I loved the idea so much that whenever I think about it, I try to do just that. Well this week, being such a special time of year, I have really been trying to "beef" up my RAK's and lo and behold, many nice things have been happening back to me. The latest being the gift of this lovely bag. One of my readers, Paula, needed a little help with a pattern that she was making from my Knits for Men book. Paula finished the sweater, and sent me a photo, and it was terrific. I blogged about Paula's sweater. Then I found out that Paula is the owner of, makers of beautiful knitting totes and other accessories. Also at Today, I found one of these fabulous totes in my mail box. I cannot believe it. It is called the Commuter Tote Bag, and it is amazing. Pockets galore, for needles, hooks, pens and pad, very roomy for carrying lots of yarn etc, even a pocket for your cell phone. My picture does not do it justice, but visit Paula's site to see for yourself. Thank you so much Paula, you brightened my day.

Happy Holidays to all.


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The Knitwit Hues said...

Margaret! Thank you for sharing this lovely happening. You and this story made my day!