Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Thursday

Happy Thursday Everyone,

I really love my job, and I do not know what I love more, teaching, designing, or writing books. Sometimes,like this past week, when I have been playing "beat the clock" for a deadline. Trying to get a design finished, instructions written and package in the mail, its not quite so much fun. I hate being late with a project, and always get a little frantic at the end, but this morning I am DONE. Only need to address the package and take it to the post office, actually a week early.

Back to the fun stuff. One of the things that I really love, is when readers share photos of their finished projects with me. I have been doing this for a very long time,
and the connection that I feel with people, when they make something that I have designed is very special and never grows old.

The latest photo to be shared arrived in my mail yesterday, and it really was a day brightener, so thank you, Paula, for sharing. I hope Jim has many happy gold days (oops typo, meant to write golf) but I am going to leave it, I like gold days much better.

Have a great day


PS Sweater is Versatile Golf Sweater from my book KNITS FOR MEN


ska397 said...

I'm sorry, but I can't find any other way of contacting you or your publisher. There's an error in your book, "Plus size crochet" on the pocket cardigan pattern. for the left front, right front, and sleeves, the beginning number of ch-2sps is the same as for the back, which is twice as long. Considering they're worked the same as the back, just narrower it must be an error. I figured out the correct values for the front without a problem, but I'm having a problem shaping the sleeves since I have no idea what value I'm actually supposed to work down to for the cap. If there were a specific number of stitches listed for the final row, I could count back from there but the directions say to sl st in 7 sts, work to last seven sts, and leave them unworked. If you could publish the correction somewhere, or email me with it, I'd appreciate it. I bought this book and some very expensive yarn to make a birthday gift for my mom, and I won't get it done in time if I don't get this figured out soon. my email address is
thank you, and up till now I've really loved the pattern so far.

Margaret's Hooks and Needles said...


Can you contact me at and I will try to help you. I never noticed this comment till a few minutes ago.
We are aware of problems with that sweater and the corrections are noted.