Thursday, February 11, 2010

Catching Up


I Have been absent again for quite a while, life keeps getting in the way.

One thing that was keeping me very busy was another of my loves, besides Knitting and Crochet,was my Shakespeare club. I made my "acting debut" with a small part in the club's production of When Will Met Geoff, a spoof on a possible meeting of Shakespeare and Chaucer at the inn. Part of the spoof was, the pilgrims were a motorcycle group. I was Cressida, dressed as a motorcycle groupie, lots of fun. I actually remembered my lines.

Two weeks ago, my friend Prudence Mapstone, fellow free former and author, teacher
etc etc, visited our area, from Australia, for a short, whirlwind stay, I managed to meet up with
her in New York City for lunch. Several members of The Happily Hooked on Crochet
Chapter joined in on the fun. Around the table, Me, Phyllis S, Grace G, Stephen Mapstone, Prudence and Dee S. After lunch, we visited several bead and trimming stores in NYC. It was a very, cold bitter day, but we managed the visit between snow storms. Prudence then went on to Washington DC and Philadelphia, where the snow finally caught up with her. She is safely home in Australia now, after a marathon 40 plus hours of travel.

I had a birthday last month, and my daughter-in-law had a wonderful cake
made for me. She actually asked the baker to check out my website and make
me a free form cake, that looks like my free form work. Wow-what a spectacular cake
and such a thoughtful, innovative idea. It actually looked like my crochet and knit scrumbles and was delicious too. I LOVED IT.

I am currently working on 3 designs for magazines, plus another still hush, hush project, so I am still very busy and loving every minute of it.

Huge snowfall yesterday, I am getting plowed out and shoveled as I sit here, so I will be able to get out today. Lovely, sun shiny day, but still in the 20's and lots of wind.

Have a great day!


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Perry said...

Belated happy birthday! I want to see a picture of that cake!