Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Good Morning Everyone,

I am so behind on blog posts again, just not enough days to do it all.

The October meeting of the Happily Hooked on Crochet Chapter
of CGOA, met on October 11th. As usual the meeting was filled with
members having a great time, doing good works and really enjoying
each other.

We were making hats, scarves and gloves for the Salvation army,
and making chemo caps and preemie caps for Danbury Hospital.

I managed to make one preemie cap, one hat and was working on a scarf at the meeting. I finished the scarf and decided that I would start another. Well I ran out of yarn, and was running out of time, as the deadline for bringing the things to the Salvation Army was looming and the meeting was almost over. What to do when life hands you lemons??? make lemonade. Karen D, finished her scarf and had a bit of yarn left over, which kind of went with my project. I "fought" off another member to grab Karen's leftover yarn, realized it still would not be enough to make a scarf, so I turned my half done scarf into a great hat.

Our Member, Elaine B,
won a prize for the best use of color for her hat and scarf, at the Big E, her prize was a $100 gift certificate for Webs. Way to go Elaine! My photo does not do justice to Elaine's entry, it was gorgeous!

Kathy made a great scarf for kids (sorry my picture is on its side, won't turn for me). Nancy made the adorable baby set and could not resist clowning around.

Members,once again, made tons of hats, they are the best.

We had visitors from the newly formed LI Chapter, they were shy about having
their picture taken, so they are hiding behind Patty E's blanket. Deb S, asked me
for some advice about the lovely shawl that she was making.

Nancy, the baby set it just wonderful. Nancy made the blanket using the
double sided crochet technique that I taught at the last meeting.

What a happy, productive group, we always have fun at our meetings.

Have a great day,



Shelby Allaho said...

What a great group effort!

Nancy said...

Thanks, Margaret! It's an easy stitch to do, and works up pretty fast, too! Thanks for teaching us!