Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lion Brand Studio

Good Evening Everyone.,

I had the best time teaching a Free Form Knitting and Crocheting Combo class at the new Lion Brand Studio in New York City on Sunday. The students were so enthusiastic and had such fun learning to
free form. In this workshop you can either knit or crochet or do both and have lots of fun creating one of a kind items. I love seeing each student's work and how different each creation is. Thanks Betty, Dolores, Helene, Julie,Kathleen,Kimberley, special thanks to Carol for being my class angel and helping me out. Great class!

The LB studio is a beautiful space, open and inviting and the staff so pleasant and helpful. If you are in New York City be sure to stop in.

Lion Brand Yarn has been featuring The Elements (shown in the first photo), a wall hanging that was a joint venture of quite a few members of the International Free Formers. Many of us made small pieces, called scrumbles, depicting Air, Water,Earth and Fire, then one of our members, Myra Wood, author of Creative Crochet Lace, put the whole thing together in the magnificent piece that you see hanging. Lion Brand Studio has been displaying the wall hanging for the past few months. The wall hanging will be auctioned off for charity soon. I do not have all the information on this as yet, but I will get it to you soon.

Have a nice evening,

I may have to edit this post in the morning - too busy - too much to do to get ready for Buffalo.


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Valerie said...

We were so happy to have you. People loved your class!

Patty Lyons
Manager, Lion Brand Yarn Studio