Thursday, March 12, 2009

Squam Lake Arts Workshops etc

Hi Everyone,

Check out the wonderful blog edition about the Squam Lake
Arts Workshops. You have to scroll down to see it.

I am going to be teaching there, sounds wonderful doesn't it?

I just finished reading an article in PIECEWORK MAGAZINE written by Mary Ann Colopy, on Eleanor
Roosevelt. It seems Eleanor was an avid knitter and there are
photographs on record, showing her knitting from her late teens
until near the end of her life at age seventy-eight.
She also did needlepoint, sewed and embroidered.

It was a very enlightening article, about a first lady who really did it all. She embraced traditional symbols of womanhood, but was a very untraditional
first lady. In the article there are photos of her knitting on a plane in 1936, and also sitting at a table with her husband, the president, knitting. The article
goes on to say that she was seldom without her knitting and she knitted at political conventions, on trains and airplanes, after dinner parties and even while serving at the United Nations. She also knit a lot for charity. This great article appeared
in the 3rd Annual Historical Knitting Issue of Piecework Magazine.

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CrochetWithDee said...

Hi Margaret,
If you haven't already, I strongly recommend reading her autobiography, and visiting the FDR home in NY.

Reportedly she taught FDR how to knit shortly after he was stricken with polio.