Sunday, September 7, 2008

Portland Conference

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I have not been posting at all for awhile.  Sometimes life
gets in the way.  The hurricane hit us yesterday and a tree
limb took out my power.  It was finally restored at 6:30
this evening.  No great damage though, just lots of rain.

I have been getting ready for the Knit/Crochet conference
being held in Portland Or next week.  I leave on Wednesday,
returning Sunday evening.  Then on the following Wednesday
I leave on a trip to New Zealand.  It should be a very exciting
trip, organized by Prudence Mapstone, and Prudence is
promising to keep us busy, with lots to see and do.  I will
have lots to report after these two events.

In between getting ready for traveling, I have been
 re-checking  the final proofs for my newest book -

I'm really excited about this book and it is available
for pre order on

Have a great week everyone!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Margaret! Your new book looks awesome! I can't wait to get it! Congratulations!