Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Conference/Save the children

Hi Everyone,

While walking in the market at the conference, I saw a booth
that said "SAVE THE CHILDREN", which immediately caught
my attention.  Several years ago it came to light that millions
of babies in many countries were dying for lack of warmth after
birth.  These babies can be saved with a simple knit or crochet
cap to keep them warm.  Rita Weiss and Jean Leinhauser
were responsible for getting the CGOA involved in making
caps for this worthy cause, and 250,000 caps were
made and sent to them. 

Tricia Puskar, Associate Director Outreach/Survive to 5, Save
the Children program, was so enthusiastic while manning
the booth.  She was so excited that people were responding
in such a positive manner.

The cause continues and the goal is to make a million caps.
You can do your part by;

1. Making a Cap, knit or crochet (many free patterns for premie
caps can be found on the web).

2. Write to the New President, letting him  know you
care about the needs of the newborns around the world.

Put your cap and letter in an envelope and mail it by December
31, 2008 to

Save the Children, Knit One, Save One
c/o The Doe Fund
173 Cook Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206

3: find out more at http://www.SavetheChildren.org


Me at the booth with the little hat that I crocheted
that morning.

Vashti, Rita and Me at the CGOA meeting

Another gorgeous fashion

Myra wearing the beautiful shawl that
was a gift, made by Margo from the free form list

Me and Myra at the Free Form gathering

Free Formers Gathering Friday Night

Still more to come!


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