Thursday, January 3, 2008


Good Afternoon Everyone,

In my last post, I have been praising, yet again, the wonderful world of the Internet.  I did mention my network of friends from around the world, and the fun that I am having with it all.

I forgot to mention, in addition to my son, I have a very strong Internet guru.  Dee from who has held my hand more than once, as I tried to conquer yet another
learning experience.  Besides, Dee lives closer :-).

Dee is responsible for my blog.  Without her, I would never have even tried it.  When she first brought the subject up, the word blog, was not even in my vocabulary.  With patience, and  "stick-to-itiveness" and through many an e-mail, back and forth, Dee got me blogging.

For those of you who may live on another planet, and do not know Dee, please check out her web site.  In addition to being my personal "go-to" person, Dee is such an advocate in promoting the art of crochet, one of the founders of the Happily Hooked On Crochet chapter of CGOA, charity worker extraordinaire, a designer, and has a winning smile to boot.

There is a mini-Dee following in her footsteps, and with a natural talent and a mom like Dee, all of us older designers

Have a great day


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