Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Plus size crochet/etc

Good Morning all,

Some one, on the crochet list, has alerted me to the fact that has already listed my new book PLUS SIZE CROCHET (FASHIONS THAT FIT & FLATTER), for pre orders.  I must admit amazon, truly does amaze.  I just found out the title yesterday, and they already have it on amazon - WOW.

I had promised a while  ago to periodically post some of my favorite stitches in both knitting and crochet, that I use mostly in my free form work, so today I am posting the spiral. 

Give it a try, have some fun.


The Spiral is basically worked as a circle, increasing every round, always having one stitch  more between increases each round, and changing colors as you work.


To begin, make a loop with the first color and work 1 sc, 1 hdc, 1 dc into the loop, drop col 1, drawing up the loop so as not to lose it (now and throughout),  join 2nd col, working into same loop,  work sc, hdc, dc, drop col 2, drawing up loop, con’t in this manner with a 3rd, then a 4th col.  Tighten original loop so you now have a circle with 4 segments, each in a different col (3 sts each col, 12 sts in all). From now on you will be working in dc.   Place a long, different colored thread in your work, to carry up as a marker for beginning of rounds.  This marker indicates beginning of round, not beg of color changes.


First inc round:  Continuing with col 4, work 2 dc into each st in col 1   Leave col 4, pick up the loop of col 1 and work 2 dc into each st of col 2.  Leave col 1, pick up col 2, work 2 dc into each st in col 3, leave col 2, pick up col 3, work 2 dc into each of the first 3 sts of col 4.  You have now completed one round, you have 4 segments, 1 in each color, 6 sts each.   You should be at the marker, but you will not be at the end of col 4.  The rounds begin and end at the marker, THE COLORS DO NOT CHANGE AT THE MARKER. 


Second inc round:  Continuing with Col 3, working into the remaining sts of col 4,  work [*1 dc in next st, 2 dc in next st , rep from * 2 times more], leave col 3, pick up 4, rep between [ ] on sts of col 1, drop col 4, pick up col 1, rep between [ ] on sts of col 2, leave col 1, pick up col 2, rep between [ ] on first 6 sts of col 3, you now have completed 2 rounds, you are at marker which is end of round, not end of col. 


Third inc round:  on this round you will be inc every 3rd st of each col. Segment.


Con’t in this manner, changing colors increasing 12 sts eachround, always having 1 st more between inc, until desired size is reached, then end each segment with a hdc, sc, s. st, and end off the color.

Have a great day!


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Anonymous said...

I love the look of this stitch!  Thanks for the tips!!