Monday, February 26, 2007

Another New Book

Happy Monday All,

It is snowing in NY this morning, and my yard looks like a winter wonderland.  Very beautiful to look at, not so nice to drive in, so I will not be running out to my usual Monday morning class today.

On February 1st, I turned in the manuscript and the final garments for my latest book.  Up till now, I have not been at liberty to discuss the contents, but this morning my editor has given me permission to talk about it.  The new book will be called CROCHET PLUS.  It will cover sizes from 1 X to 4 X. 

About 2 years ago, I took a trip to Australia and part of the time I stayed with Prudence Mapstone, .     Prudence had a knitting book in her guest room that was all plus sized garments.  The book was published in the UK, and it was more one size fits all.  I thought at the time, that I would investigate to see if there was anything out like that in crocheted garments. The book that I envisioned would have a range of sizes and some shaping involved.   I put the idea on the back burner, and never did anything with it.  Last July, at the Chain Link Conference in King of Prussia, Pa, several attendees asked me why designers so rarely designed in the plus sizes.  These questions renewed my interest in the idea, I then made a proposal to my publisher, they liked the idea, and I immediately started on the book.

I had fun doing the book.  I wanted to make things that were lovely and flattering to the fuller figure.  I used a large range of yarns from the more moderately priced yarns to designer yarns.  I give weight, yardage, gauge etc, so that making substitutions is easier.

The book usually takes about six months before you see it in print, but its on its way.

Have a great day



Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your upcoming book!  When there is a need, it needs to be filled and I think your book and patterns will be a fantastic success!  Cheers to you!! -Pam

Anonymous said...

Hooray! You already do fabulous patterns, so I know this book will be _great_. I got to wait 6 months? oh well, still it's pretty cool. I am really looking forward to buying it....