Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Vouge Knitting Live NYC

Good Morning Everyone,

Vogue Knitting Live in NYC this past weekend, was quite an experience.  The crowds of people in the market, and the amazing booths were overwhelming at times, but so much fun.

Most fun for me was catching up with some old friends and making lots of new ones.  

I left Pawling at 8 am Saturday morning on a cloudy, gray day, with some flurries falling, and arrived home to a winter wonderland of trees that looked like they were covered in cotton balls, and streets covered with snow.  My friend, Carol, was with me and she had the job of getting us home from the train station. All was well.

Some of the sights from VKL, enjoy

One of the first people that I ran into was Nicky Epstein.  Nicky's booth with all the wonderful doll cloths from her books, KNITS FOR DOLLS AND CROCHET FOR DOLLS was a big hit with all, especially the young set.

Gabriela Serigatto and me

I had the pleasure of meeting Gabriela Serigatto www.gabrielaserigatto.com, a young, talented, fashion designer from Brazil. Her work blew me away.

 I had to stop by and see Steven Be, Steven always surprises.  The sweater he was wearing actually had some kind of film rolls knitted into it and some other unusual things. When Steven invites you to dance, even if its on the floor of VKL, who could resist?

Always a pleasure to see Kristin Omdahl, designer and author of several books. Kristin told me that this was the first time that she had her very own booth.

The fantastic display of red crocheted doilies by Ashley V. Blalock www.AshleyVBlalock
was so magnificent, truly beautiful.  Unfortunately, Ashley was not present when I was there, so I did not get to meet her.

Another Artist that I got to meet was Carol Milne, www.knittedglass.com. Carol's sculptures were so unbelievable, my photos do not do them justice. I could not capture the detail with my phone camera and the lighting just did not work.

Some other fun stuff, The Yarn Company's booth was represented by several companies.

Me and Richard 
The Verdant Gryphon, with Gryphon(owner) and Hitomi (dancer).

Artist Kelly Fleek, with her amazing creations wwwkellyfleek.com

I hope that you enjoyed visiting Vogue Knitting Live with me.

Stay warm and safe, yet another storm heading our way right now.



wearingpurple said...

Thank you for sharing your pictures from VKLive! I listened to your interview with Marly Bird and had to come over and check them out. Very nice to 'meet you'! Love, Tammy

Unknown said...

Hey, Magaret, Awesome write up, that knitted glass is incredible, Kristi - the Butterfly Shawl lady

Unknown said...

I am such a fan. I love filet crochet anything.