Friday, September 13, 2013


Good Afternoon Everyone,

A while ago I ordered a pair of custom painted clogs from a company called The Swanx, I loved my clogs and was very happy with them.  Originally I was afraid to order because they said that they were not responsible if I ordered the wrong size.  I arranged to have them send me a pair to try on, at my expense, before they painted them.  I felt that once I had my correct size, I did not have to do that again.

                                                           First Pair

Last January I decided to treat myself to another pair. I had an idea in mind, I worked with their artist and was very pleased with the design.  They said it would take about 8 weeks.  Three months later I received the clogs.  I loved the design, when I went to try them on, I could not fit my right foot into the shoe.  I checked, I ordered the exact size as my first pair. Upon closer inspection, I realized one shoe opening was one half inch shorter than the other.  I immediately wrote to the company and was advised to stuff wet newspapers into the shoe, let it dry overnight.  
When I asked what happened if that did not work, I did not hear back.  I waited a whole week, then called my bank and ask them to stop payment till I could resolve the problem.  I then heard back from an upset owner, telling me that she was away and that I did not give them enough time to respond.  She said that she would not even deal with me unless I lifted the "stop payment order".  I did as she asked, was sent a return sticker to send the shoes back for inspection.  After 6 weeks and 33 emails, I got the shoes back saying that there was nothing wrong with the shoes, that they had shown them to a cobbler, and had several people try them on and that I had ordered the wrong size.  I called the bank again, and after 45 days, was advised that the company told the bank  that I ordered the wrong size, that I should have ordered wide, and that there was nothing I could do.
I think that a person should have the expectation that two shoes, marked the same size, would have the same size opening.

The last email I received from the company stated that "there is nothing wrong with your shoes, good luck".  When I asked the owner if we could have a phone conversation she refused and said nothing was going to change.

This has been going on for 9 months (babies are born in 9 months).  I finally decided to hold a Cinderella Party at the conference, I was going to invite people to try the shoes on, and if they fit someone, they could have them.  Then, last Friday something wonderful happened.  I was talking to a friend, telling her my tale of woe, and her Mom overheard us.  She said that she knew someone who made custom made shoes and perhaps he could help me.  I brought the shoes over to him, he opened the box and said "there is something wrong with the shoes, they do not match".  I wanted to hug him.  He told me to give him a week and come back.  I want to add here, that Alvaro did not give me any guarantees, he said he would try, but he did feel that he could fix the problem without ruining the paint job. I went back today and HE FIXED THE SHOE.  Sorry all you Conderellas out there, but I am wearing the shoes. I have had them on for 2 hours and they feel great.

I feel that The Swanx let me down, I sang their praises at every conference.  I went on YELP and I saw many complaints about them.   Yes, they do state that they are not responsible for size chosen,  but as I said, I did expect both shoes to be the same size.  I write this blog only to tell everyone, please read all the fine print when ordering on line and especially when ordering anything custom made.  The Swanx has lost my good will over a pair of shoes, so sad.

                                New Pair, notice the difference from heel to top of instep

                                         New Pair  Another View

                                         New Pair after Alvaro worked on them for a week

                                      Me and Alvaro, both smiling, the shoe fits!!!!!

So thank you Joan for recommending Alvaro. Big thank you Alvaro for working a small miracle.

If any one needs any special foot wear, or has any problems with shoes, be sure to visit Alvaro's Orthopedic Footwear and Shoe Service, 133-135 South Street, Danbury, CT 06810

Enjoy the weekend everyone, I sure will be smiling.



Nancy said...

I'm so glad you finally got a happy ending for something that has been "clogging" up months with frustration for you about these shoes! They look great on your feet, too! :-)

SusanSW said...

Hmmm--Margaret--wonder if that is what is wrong with mine, that I ordered a few years ago to look just like your knit /crochet ones! I've never been able to wear them--one seems to fit okay but the other is too tight (I ordered narrow). I'll have to take a closer look at them in the light tomorrow and take them to a shoe repair place here MIT would be nice to finally be able to wear them!

DianaJ said...

It's too bad it was the right shoe that was smaller, your left foot may well be smaller than your right one. DianaJ

'Zann said...

I heard you relate the clog saga at the summer CGOA conference - it's wonderful to hear a happy ending. And to see the shoes!