Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rewards of Teaching

Good Morning Everyone,

It is a beautiful sunny day in New York, snow still on the ground from last week's storm, heading into the 40's today, BUT- we are in for below freezing weather heading our way. Single digits they tell us, brr, and possible more snow.  I really do not like the cold weather and my car refuses to leave the garage when it snows. There is a bright side however, I tend to get a lot of work done when I have to hibernate.

I am prompted to do my second post in a very short time because of two happenings this week.
I received a lovely email from one of my students, who attended my Free Form Class at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival. In the class, I start students out making a small bag, and send them home (hopefully) with enough knowledge to complete the bag on their own. One of my greatest pleasures is receiving photos from students of their completed projects. Cathy sent me photos of her completed bag and I just had to share them with you. Beautiful job Cathy, I LOVE it!

Another side benefit of being house bound so much, is that, I start cleaning anything in sight. Closets were the first things that I tackled. I was filling a bag of clothing to bring to the thrift shop and I came across a sweater set that I had not worn in years but I loved it. Just as I was about to put it in the bag, I remembered something. While attending Stitches East in Hartford, I met Kristin Omdahl talking about her new product called WRAPTURE and I had to have some. Wrapture is a eucalan product,, a no rinse, delicate wash for fine things, and smells heavenly. I had not tried it yet and here was the perfect opportunity. I used it on this ancient sweater set, that I was about to toss into the thrift shop bag, and it totally revived it.  Two days later, I wore it, and everyone was asking me where I got my beautiful "new" sweater. Thanks Kristin, this is a great product and it really works.

Have a Happy Sunday Everyone



Unknown said...

Lovely bag. I sat next to Cathy at the Free Form class and she was an inspiration. Well Done!

Unknown said...

Wonderful. I sat next to Cathy at the Free From class and she was an inspiration. Well Done!

Kimberlee Andrews said...

I love FF and all of your work. I've seen so much over the years on the yahoo group and in your books. I bought you first book back in the 70s! Great Bullion Tutorial. My favorite stitch.