Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Busy times

Good Morning Everyone,

I had a very busy weekend, packing a workshop, Memorial Services for 9/11 and family stuff into two days.

On Saturday, I did a Knitting/Crochet Free Form Class at The Cornwall Yarn Shop in Cornwall, NY. The shop is a charming shop, jam packed with wonderful goodies, that would make any fiber fanatic swoon, and Gail Parrinello, is a most gracious host. On my arrival, the first thing that I noticed was that Gail has a sign on the door that says "A CROCHET FRIENDLY YARN SHOP", what a nice surprise.

The very enthusiastic students arrived very well prepared, their homework done, and ready to work on their free form bag. They were so caught up in their work that they did not even want to break for lunch. I did eat though, having left home so early to arrive on time, I had skipped breakfast.

Every one was on the way to finishing their little bag, and we even had time to learn a few new stitches. Another great thing about Free Form is the great diversity in the finished projects. Take a close look at the photos, everyone had the same homework, but their choice of yarn and placement, makes each project unique. Fun was had by all.

Have a great day,


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