Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Last of my Conference photos

Hi Everyone,

What a gorgeous, bright, beautiful, sunny day we are having. I wish it could be like this every day, but I'll take it right now and enjoy.

I have a few more photos to share, then I think that will be it for the conference. I sent off my contest entry sweater on Monday, and just received word that it arrived safe and sound. Thank you, Doris Chan, for letting me know that my precious cargo has arrived.

Photos in order
Me and Vicki Howell (Vicki was amazed that I was on twitter and facebook, that I blog etc, (should I tell her that my kids drag me kicking and screaming into each new adventure?), Zontee from Lion Brand (whose smile always lights up a room), Ellen Gormley (my savior in getting my presentation up for Professional Development day, thank you Ellen and thanks to my son, Chris, who did the photos), me and Vicki, getting ready for our talks. Marty Miller, Rene Barnes, Karen, Dinner in the grill, Amy Shelton, President of CGOA, Rene B, Jo'Elle Galo, Karen R. Whooley, Cari Clement, Vice President of CGOA, and Mary Colucci, board member.

I'd also like to take a second to thank Penny Sitler, Executive Director of CGOA and her staff for making the conference a great one for all. Kareena Gibson, especially is my "go to" person for help, and she always has an answer for me. Thank you all.

Have a great day


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Crochet Renee' said...

Margaret, it was, as always, a delight to see you! Thanks for sharing your great pics!