Friday, January 28, 2011

Jacket day 2

Good Morning Everyone,

My yarn just arrived for my new project, so jacket may have to wait awhile. UPS apologized for the late delivery, he could not get up my hill. I understood perfectly, as I have not been able to get down my hill. Planning to venture out today for the first time.

Yesterday I worked on the sleeves of the jacket. I took pics of the sleeves in the works and I will go into more detail about using the Mokuba Free Lace. It is easier than other water solubles that I have used, but the sewing part is just about the same.

The first photo is the sleeves just pinned into body, as I have not finished sewing the body as yet. Second photo shows sleeves with the top covering over the whole project and sewn with sewing machine. I noticed that my sewing seemed to shrink the project, but once I immersed in water, rinsed out all the product, it was restored to original size. Third photo is both finished sleeves, they are just about identical in size. When I am all done, I plan on giving the whole project a dye bath. Right now I'm thinking on staying with the ecru color, but just want to even out the difference in all the doilies. May change my mind on this as I am also thinking a color may be nice.

More on this as jacket progresses.

Have a good day,


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