Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Magic Wands - The Exhibition

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope that your Thanksgiving Holiday was great, I had a wonderful time with my family. I did get a lot of knitting and crocheting done, finished a Christmas gift and my contribution for our service men, so I felt good about that.

My friend, Mirjam, has been sending me so many photos from her collection, and I am going to continue sharing them with you. Mirjam also sent me her introduction, and has given me permission to share her lovely words.

The Title of the exhibition is Magic Wands, I am having trouble getting Mirjam's document posted here, but it begins:

Translated from Hebrew:(I had to re-type Mirjam's words as I could not get her document in here)

The Lovely Sorceress picked up her magic wands, turned them to and fro and whispered "Two P, two K, two P, two K" and from the wand a beautiful scarf sprang forth, soft and warm. I always felt that knitting is a form of magic, you take a stick or two and a piece of thread, turn the sticks about, and then an interesting item of clothing falls into our hands, almost out of the blue. The wonder is even greater in our present day mechanized and computerized world. In Hebrew, the general name for crafts is "melekhet makhshevet". In English one can hear the magic in the name, the act of creating something with your hands is called craft, and the act of magic and sorcery is called Witch Craft. The ability to take a thing and turn it into something else using a process that appears to be simple, that;s witch craft, magic, a gift, a talent. It is a skill that cannot be taken for granted. In this exhibition we wanted to focus on displaying item different than the ones usually seen in this country, and to celebrate the magic that takes place between wands and fiber, between the knitters hands and heart.

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