Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More from Squam Lake

Good Morning Everyone,

Do the faces look familiar? That's Casey and Jess from Ravelry at Squam Lake, smiling as always and having a ball.

My students are finishing up their projects and sending me photos. The latest bag from Ginny is a stunner. Ginny used all the natural colors, lots of texture and interest. The first photo is the front of the bag, second photo is the back. When I first started doing free form knitting and crochet, all of my projects were always in natural shades. I was a little afraid of using color in this way. I finally branched out a few years ago, and made a jacket in all shades of red. It was a huge success, now I use color all the time, but I still go back to my first love, all the natural shades.

Great job Ginny, hope everyone will keep the
photos coming.

Have a great day,


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