Friday, May 1, 2009

Good Evening Everyone,

Spring is finally here and everything is "greening up". The
flowering trees are just beautiful, blooming all over the place. Also
"blooming' is the tree that our chapter of CGOA, The Happily Hooked on Crochet group, had a
part in helping to decorate.

I have been very busy starting up my new book, finishing up some
loose ends on the one just finished, and trying to get ready for
my upcoming workshops.

I had a "day brightener" yesterday. I received an e-mail from
my editor, telling me that a reader was having trouble starting
the entrelac afghan from HOOKED THROWS. Linda asked me
if I would give Helen a call. It was a first for me - trying to give
a mini lesson over the phone-but it was a success. Last night
Helen mailed me a photo of her practice piece, and said that
she felt confident that she could start her afghan. Not only
could she start her own, but she is also going to teach a friend
too. Way to go Helen, have fun!

Be sure to let us see your finished project.

Have a great weekend



Gloria P. said...

I love that afghan! Yesterday I was browsing a crochet blog and saw it in two shades of blue and brown.

gumby28 said...

I tried to go to your Entrelac tutorial and found the page was no longer there. Is it still out there at another site