Saturday, January 10, 2009


Good Morning Everyone,

More snow coming our way today, and while I am sick of it already, it sure
does look pretty out my window.

I received my advance copy of my new book KNIT OR CROCHET - HAVE IT YOUR WAY. I love the way it looks. They have changed the cover again, but that happens occasionally. It will start shipping in just a few short weeks. It seems as if I have been talking about this book forever, but it is less than a year since I started it.

I really wanted to do a book that would be for knitters and crocheters and for those of us that are bi-stitchual (bi-stitchual, is a word coined by Jen, who I met at TNNA last year). It is Jen's ravelry name and I believe she has a web site by that name.

In the book, I have tried to show the differences and the similarities between the two crafts. There is a wide range of projects, 15 designs that have instructions for both knit and crochet, so 30 in all.

On another note, its official! I will be teaching this June at the Squam Art Workshops in New Hampshire. They are adding the fiber arts to their workshops this year and I have been invited to teach. Their website is up and running and it looks as if this will be a really terrific event. Beautiful settings, wide range of workshop offerings, and a list of teachers most of you will recognize. I am looking forward to teaching at this venue.
Check it out at

The threat of more snow does not bother me too much, even though it does keep me house bound. I have started another new book and I have been getting a tremendous amount of work done! Too soon to talk about the contents of this one,
but it is quite a departure for me, and a huge challenge.

Have a great weekend,


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woolmountain said...

Book looks wonderful, can't wait for it to come out.