Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Days

                                                Good Morning Everyone,

                                                I am feeling so much better, just about back
                                                to my old self.  I have returned to my weekly
                                                teaching class, and I plan to go to Texas next
                                                week to teach at the Dallas/Fort Worth Fiber

                                                I have not had anything new to report on
                                                fiber adventures in the past month, but
                                                hopefully that will change soon. 

                                                I did manage to finish my latest book,
                                                (contents still under wraps) and will be
                                                mailing off the final 2 projects on Monday.

                                               KNITS FOR MEN will be in the bookstores
                                               June 1st, and is already on
                                               for pre-order.  This book is a departure for
                                               me, as I never did a whole book devoted to
                                               men's knits, but I had such fun doing it.
                                               I interviewed lots of men, friends, relatives,
                                               perfect strangers, asking them what they
                                               liked, or did not like, about sweaters.  I
                                               listened to what they said, and tried to
                                               include something for every one's taste.


                                               I will be teaching at both CGOA/TKGA
                                               conferences in New Hampshire this summer,
                                               and Portland, Oregon in the fall.

                                               Looking forward to meeting some of you at
                                                these events.

                                              Have a great day.


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