Friday, December 21, 2007

Nicky Epstein's New Book

Happy Hectic Holiday Week Everyone,

I am trying to wind up so many loose ends at the same time, that I am
becoming hopelessly entangled.  Yarn or partially finished garments
are covering every available space in my house. 

We have had so much snow, that my shopping time was seriously curtailed, so you would think that I had time to finish all this stuff.

I did make some inroads, I finished going over my latest manuscript with my eagle eyed editor (thank goodness, she catches so many little errors). I delivered the first projects for my newest book, even managed to wrap the few gifts that I bought already, but still so much to do. 

In the midst of all this activity, I got a wonderful surprise in the mail.  Nicky Epstein's newest book, CROCHETED FLOWERS.  Nicky and I found ourselves sitting right across the aisle from each other on a trip home from CA.  Nicky was trying out a new yarn making flowers for the new book.  She handed me some of the yarn and asked me to "play" with her.  She really liked what I did and asked if she could use it in
the book, so of course I said yes.  Nicky promised to send me a book.
When I opened the package, not only did I get the flower book, but Nicky also sent me a copy of COVER UP WITH NICKY EPSTEIN.  This is a collection of the most beautiful afghans that I have ever seen.  They are truly magnificent works of art. Thank you Nicky.

As if this were not enough, Nicky named one of the flowers
St. Margaret's Flower and mentioned me in the acknowledgments.
What a day brightener.

Have a very Merry,


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