Friday, April 6, 2007

This and That

Hi Everyone,.

Its been a few days since I posted because not much new and exciting happening right now.  Many of us are in a holiday preparation mode, and busy doing so many other things.

I cannot believe that I woke up to snow yesterday morning.  Oh no, whatever happened to Spring.  The snow did not last too long, but windy cold weather followed it.  It was 28 degrees this morning, out came the winter coat yet again.

I finished all the deadline stuff that I was working on, now going full steam ahead into my newest book.  It will be knits this time, but after 6 crochet books in a row, I was in need of a change.  I am excited about this book as it is a departure for me. 

There has been an interesting thread on a crochet list, and members have been discussing what they would like if they could design their own magazine.  The answers have been so varied, that it would take considerably more than one magazine to fulfill everyone's fantasies.

It got me thinking though.  About a year or so ago i was trying to come up with some new classes to propose for teaching in several different venues.  I wrote to several different lists, both in knitting and crocheting asking what classes people would like to see offered.  Two of the 3 would not let my posts go through, they stated that I was trying to promote myself and profit from information learned.  The 3rd, Crochet Partners, allowed my message through, and I did get some great responses and have even incorporated them in my schedule.  They were so great in responding.

One of the most favorite things that I do is teaching.  Giving workshops, whether at a huge conference, small guild meetings or yarn shops, is so much fun.  I always come away on a high.  I must admit, I was a little surprised that one list actually reprimanded me for my question and dubbed it inappropriate. 

Now that I have my own blog, I guess I can ask the question again and any one can feel free to chime in.  If any of you have an idea of a class that you would like to see offered at conferences or in yarn shops, please let me know and I will see if it is possible for me to add it to my list.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Margaret,
I've been getting hit with a lot of requests for an Entralac workshop -- I enjoyed sitting with you last year at the Craft & Yarn Box in Pawling, and I am telling everyone to contact you & request that they too learn it from you!  :)

Would you consider setting aside a special day to offer a Entralac workshop at the Craft & Yarn Box?  Maybe some time in the early Summer?  I know you'd make a lot of local people happy!