Sunday, April 1, 2007

Diamond Days and other stuff

Hi Everyone,

When we were kids, my father sent us out the door every morning, urging us to be sure to learn something new and do a good deed.  Several months ago, I had the opportunity to do two good deeds and learn something new, very early in the morning.  The good deeds were done by helping an elderly couple in the super market, and learning something new happened at the same time. 

They thanked me over and over again, and I said that they had really helped me, by allowing me to help them.  Then I told them about my father.  The old gentlemen looked at me and he said "Some days are like diamonds, aren't they"

Yesterday was one of those diamond days.  It started out with me getting a lovely e-mail from a woman in Ct, who was so happy to have found me on the Internet.  She had been using my book ONE PIECE KNITS, for many years and loved it.  She had no idea that I was still designing and writing books, and found me by accident.  She was so happy, and is planning on attending a workshop. 

Later on, I received another nice compliment from a fellow crocheter and yet another lovely e-mail from a fellow designer/author. 

I worked all day, finishing two projects that I have to get in the mail tomorrow.

By late evening I was really tired, and I got a phone call from my daughter.  She said that my granddaughter wanted to talk to me.  This little chatterbox got on the phone, telling me all about her exciting day.  Non stop, she told me all that she did from morning till night.  I was exhausted listening to her :-).
I said "goodnight, love you", she replied, "I love you bigger than the whole world, the sky and the sea"

As, I said, some days are diamond!

Today, I packed up the finished sweaters to send off tomorrow, then I wanted to make a little felted bag for said granddaughter.  I had already done the flowers, but not the base of the bag.  Before I could play with the felting, I had to test a pattern.  I really hated to give up the time to do this, but it was a must.  I got a brilliant idea (at least to me it was).  I tested the pattern using the yarn for the felted bag.  When I finished the swatch, it was a little small, so I added crochet all around, and I added a shoulder strap.  I had no idea what would happen in the felting process, mixing crochet with such a textured knit stitch, but it worked like a charm.  I tested my instructions, and did the base for the bag at the same time.

Tonight I am truly ready for a rest.


There are never enough hours in the day!

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Anonymous said...

Oh I love that story, a good deed....some days are like diamonds.  You've made me smile, thank you!  Somedays we so wrapped up and forget the simple things and it is so easy to do a good deed.