Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Blog print problem solved/Starting a new book/etc

Happy Wednesday Everyone,

Joe (aol help person extraordinaire) was able to help me fix the print problem.  I hope that now all will be able to read the blog, without the print spreading out.  Thank you Joe. 

Monday I started receiving packages of yarn that I ordered to start my new book.  The feelings generated by receiving box after box of really wonderful yarn, soft alpacas, wools, and cottons in great colors, is an experience only knitters and crocheters can appreciate. 

As I opened each box, my mind's eye could "see" the finished item that I had planned for that yarn.  I could not wait to start. 

In addition to starting the book, I found out this week that four of my designs have been accepted for other publications. 

Sometimes I think that maybe I take on a bit much, but I love being busy, and I have friends who help make some of the garments. 

Getting started is the easy part.  Writing down everything that you do, and writing it in a language that others will understand, is the hard work.  Writing instructions that are clear and concise, and that tech editors will not cringe over, that is the challenge for every designer.

Before all this activity started, I did manage to finish the parts for two more felted bags.  Not quite done as yet, but I will post pictures when I finish.

Have a great day!


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Anonymous said...

Hi, Margaret -- I loved your comments about the look and feel of the yarn and the excitement over starting something new.  I always have to control myself in a yarn store because I know I already have too many projects going at one time!

All the best,
Elayne Mordoff