Friday, October 27, 2006

Autumn in New York

Hi Everyone,

October is a beautiful time of year to be in New York.  I arrived home from Texas to the glorious fall foliage all around me.

About two years ago, I returned home from a trip at about this same time of year, and my yard was glowing with oranges and greens and golds.  It inspired me to make the Free Form Crochet/Knit shawl that I call Autumn in NY.  For many years, I always did my free form work in shades of natural/beiges, which I still love.  Since then, I  have branched out in color, and  I get inspiration from many sources, nature being one of the best . 

I have not forgotton about Camp Crochet Texas, still waiting for the pictures to share with you.

Have a great evening



Anonymous said...

Good luck with your nomination.

Anonymous said...


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