Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day etc

Happy St. Patrick's Day,

Once again, New York has been dumped on and we have about 
12 inches of snow, and it is cold and windy this morning. 

I have a class planned for this morning, but do not know
yet if I will be able to get there.  We are waiting a little
while before we cancel.

I have started working on my new knitting book, and I have
had a few strange reactions.  Some people have said,
"Oh, I didn't know that you knit too".  I find this very interesting,
because years ago, I was primarily a knit designer.  About
5 years ago, an editor, who I met at a Chain Link Conference
in Chicago, saw me wearing one of my crocheted jackets.
She asked me if I could write down what I do.  When I said
that I could, she immediately asked me to submit a design
proposal for a possible book.  That conversation was the
beginning of the two Free Form books that I did for Annie's
Attic.  Since then, every one has been asking me for
crochet patterns.  When I made the proposal for the knit
book, and it was accepted, people seem surprised. 

I personally have always combined knitting and crochet,
 using both in many pieces. In my very first book, ONE PIECE
KNITS THAT FIT, I combined crocheted borders
on knitted sweaters.   Until recently, editors did not accept
designs for publication that combined both.  Their reason
being that some knitters did not crochet and vice versa. 

I have received notice that I will be teaching at the fall CGOA
conference in Oakland, CA, and one of the classes that I
will be teaching is called "Add Some Crochet to Your Knits" .

In addition to this class I will be doing Freeform Knitting
and Crochet, Adjusting Patterns to Fit, and Finishing
Your Crochet Like a Pro. 

I know that the Fall conference seems such a long time
away, and we are still planning the Summer one in NH,
but the time does go flying by, and these things are
planned way in advance. 

Enjoy the day.


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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say how beautiful  the two patterns you have designed for Tahki Stacey Charles are.  It's a great idea to incorporate the freeform motifs rather than trying to make a jillion little scrumbles your first time out with this technique.  Thanks and keep those grat designs coming.  Janice