Sunday, March 25, 2007

Welcome Spring!

Happy Spring Everyone,

Looking out the window this morning, I still see a lot of snow, still feels cold, and kind of grey.  The forecast is for some sunshine, where is it I ask myself, then out of the blue, comes the sun, and a robin.  Fat red breast, digging around in the snow, trying to reach the moist earth below.  I think of a line from a poem that I learned many years ago "You are welcome, Robin dear, for you tell us Spring is here".

I do that a lot lately, think of things from the past and my childhood. Some of my "friends" tell me that it is a sign of something that I don't want to hear about :-). 

Then I remember about all the things that I am so busy doing.  No time to worry about the passing of time.  I started my new book last week, I finished the proofreading of PLUS SIZE CROCHET, and I finished a sweater for review. 

I do take time out to play occasionally and I have a grand daughter and 5 great nieces, who all have American Girl dolls.  I have recently made outfits for all of them. 

Enjoy the day!


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