Thursday, March 15, 2007

This and That

Good Morning Everyone,

I am a very frustrated blogger this morning.  For some reason
 my blog printing has taken on a life of its own.

The print goes right off the page and in order to correct it,
 I have to shorten my lines, then it looks all weird on the page.
 I have asked Dee for help, and she
 referred me to Joe (aol help person supreme) and neither one
 of them could help me out.

I apologize if you are having trouble reading the blog, I am
trying my best to correct it.

I received my copy of BIG-HOOK CROCHET, by House of
White Birches, yesterday.  It is a beautiful book with over 80
 projects in it (4 of which are mine). 

Since my visit to The Mall of America, visits to my web site and
orders for my videos/dvd's and books, have really spiked. 
Thank you all for such a great response. 

I signed contracts yesterday to start another new book.
 Its contents will have to remain confidential for now, but it will be
 knit and not crochet this time.

Have a great day


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sometiimes my blogger is possed by evil spirits!  

I'm thrilled I got to see you at the Mall of America at the Knit Out, and I gave your name and link to a few friends interested in freeform crochet.  Hope your snow melts fast!