Friday, February 2, 2007

Sharing Finished Projects

Good Morning Everyone,

I finally finished my latest book, delivered the last two garments, all the text and instructions, then took two days off.  Well not really off, but I got a chance to play, and started a new jacket for myself.  I am trying something new, but not ready to share yet, maybe in a day or two.

About a week ago, I received photos from Saundra, one of the attendees at Camp Crochet Texas, who took my workshop.  I was delighted to see her finished project and posted her photos here.  To see Saundra's bag, scroll down a little.  I asked her to encourage other attendees to send me photos of their  finished work, and Phyllis C sent me two photos of her bag.  Phyllis said her bag is just large enough to carry her wallet and her cell phone.  She was unhappy with the shoulder strap  that she made, so she put it aside again.  I like a twisted cord for a shoulder strap because it is so easy to do, and looks great.

One of the most intriguing things about Free Form, be it knit or crochet, or a combination of both, is how different each person's finished item looks.  I give everyone the same homework for a workshop, and the diversity is so amazing.  I love it!

Have a great day


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