Sunday, February 11, 2007


Hi Everyone,

On the Free Form Forum we have been discussing the color orange, and how you either love it or hate it.  For years and years, all of my free form was done in beiges, creams and off white.  Several years ago, I was inspired by the beautiful arrangement of colors in a yarn shop in Woodstock, NY.  When I walked through the door of the shop, I felt as if I had stepped into a rainbow.  The shop was arranged totally by color, not by company or type of yarn, just ceiling to floor of one color after the other.  That day, I chose several shades of red, and started a red jacket.  That was the beginning of my color break through.  Since then I have done many colorful designs, but the red is still my favorite.  It is also the hardest to photograph, and the colors do not really photograph as beautiful as they are.  It is also the one featured in the Free Form Calendar. 

Last spring I made an orange jacket, and I have loved wearing it so much.  Stacy Charles, of Tahki/Stacy Charles yarn, saw me wearing it at TNNA, and asked me to re-design a version of this jacket using their yarns.  It  will be featured on the cover of one of their new instruction books.

After the orange, I made the bright pink.  The jackets are all different, yet I used the same template for all of them, including the floral one that I just completed.

Enjoy the rest of the day.


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