Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Knit/Crochet Event at The Mall of America

Good Morning Everyone,

Wow, what can I say about the Mall of America.  I did not know what to expect, and planning a trip to MN in the middle of winter, was a little intimidating.  The storms in New York, days before I was to leave, were not helping to ease my anxiety.

When I arrived at my hotel on Friday afternoon, the desk clerk told me that the mall shuttle was about to leave for the mall.  I literally dumped my bags in my room, and got on the bus.  I had to see what all the hype was about.   The Mall  was very close by, we could see it from the hotel, but you do not walk in the bitter cold and you cannot cross the very busy highways.  I was exhausted but decided to head for Nordstrom.  I had bought a pair of jeans at the Nordstroms in Texas and decided I really should have another pair of these great jeans.  I walked into the store, and within minutes spotted a dress that I loved.  I needed a dress for a wedding coming up in May, but had no intentions of shopping for the dress right now.  When I told the wonderful sales person, that I had really come into the store to buy jeans, she offered to get them for me, while I tried on the dress.  You guessed it!  in the space of about 25 minutes, I bought the dress and my jeans, and was ecstatic. 

I walked around the overwhelming space for about half hour, then headed back to the hotel, ready for some dinner and a quiet evening.

Early Saturday morning it was back to the Mall, this time to set up for my Free Form Knit and Crochet demonstration, and acquaint myself with the layout.  The quiet of the huge, near empty mall, was a big contrast to the bustle of Friday night.  Armed with a map, I found my way to the Knit/Crochet Event location.  Everyone was busily unpacking boxes, setting up displays and getting ready for the first day opening. 

One of the first things that I spotted was a display of my books in the Barnes and Noble window, which was right in the rotunda, that was a real thrill for me. 

Lily Chin, author of so many books, and such a fun person,  was sitting next to me at the fashion show,  Lily introduced me to Evie Rosen, who is the founder of Warm up America.  Evie was given an award as recognition for all of her great work.  I met Evie again in the airport on the way home and we chatted for a bit, what a great lady she is.

Vicky Howell, host of Knitty Gritty, was sitting at the table next to me.  Vicky was constantly surrounded by media cameras and fans.  She is so vivacious and fun to be around.  My first Free Form Knit and Crochet demonstration was filmed for the show, and I had to sign a release for them to use it.  No guarantees though, if or when it will air. 

Another hit of the show was the Lion Brand Yarn Booth.  They had a mascot lion in attendance, and they were giving away lots of patterns and a huge, cloth bag, that people were standing in line for.  The line continued to be endless, for both days, from opening till closing, and the supply of bags was also endless, no one left disappointed.  Many companies had fantastic give-aways.  Patterns, bags, hooks, needles, and lots of yarn.  In addition to the display booths, there were knit and crochet lessons going on and every time that I passed by, there were also crowds in these areas.  I have never seen such huge crowds at any other needlework event that I have ever attended.

Both my demonstrations had enthusiastic crowds, and I was so busy, I totally forgot to get out my camera.  When I finally remembered,  there were still a few of the group left.  I asked a young woman sitting close by if she would take our picture.  Turns out the woman that I asked was Dawn from the crochet group.  She had been looking for me, and did not realize that I was right near where she was sitting. At least we did get to meet. 

Got to run now.  Tomorrow I'll try to get up some pictures from the fashion show.  I was so far away, that my pictures are not great, but I'll see what I can do.

Have a great day



Anonymous said...

Loved the pics Margaret!  Your new jacket looked awesome.  :-)
Take care, Pinka

Anonymous said...

Hi Margaret!
I attended your Freeform Class on Sunday at the Mall of America in Minnesota and I was in the "class picture".  You demo were fantastic!  I've tried freeform but after your class I want to do more, you are a great inspiration for me!   Thank you Margaret!

Pam Gillette
Knotty Generation