Thursday, October 5, 2006

Another Great New Book etc

Good Morning Everyone,

I just received my copy of NEW IDEAS FOR TODAY'S CROCHET by Jean Leinhauser & Rita Weiss.  The book  lives up to its title, there are lots of fabulous designs packed into it.  Everything from bikinis, vests, dresses, wire and bead necklaces,  to a bridal tunic.  The photos are great, several views are shown of each item. 

I guess I should tell you that I have several designs in the book, and the bridal tunic was designed by me, (bottom left corner) so I may be just a little prejudiced, but it really is a great book.

Sorry my photo of the book is not good at all.  I cannot get a good picture without the flash ruining it.

I managed to get in a few more of the photos that Dee sent from the NYC, Knit and Crochet event.  Dee,  took all of them while I was doing my demo.

I am busy working on my new book and getting ready to attend Camp Crochet in Austin, Texas.   I am looking forward to this teaching adventure as I have never been to Texas before.  I have met several of the members of the CGOA chapter,  that is sponsoring the event, and they are all so enthusiastic.  Sharon Dyke, one of the organizers and her daughter, are going to take me sight seeing afterwards.

When I first started teaching at conferences and events, I was a very timid traveler.  I went from the airport to the hotel, back to the airport and home.  In the past two years, I have started adding a few days to my stay, in order to see some of the surrounding area.  I have had so much fun doing this, and I am sure that I will love seeing the sights in Austin. 

Have a great day


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