Tuesday, September 26, 2006

This and That

Good Morning Everyone,

Sorry that it has been a while since I posted, but the past week has been a little hectic.  I finally joined the new century and signed up for High Speed Internet.  Giving up my old dial up, was a wrenching experience for me, and I did not do it lightly.  I had so many fears about losing all my stored data, my precious instructions and photos of all my projects,  both finished and in the works, that I put off doing this for a long time. 

Even though I had my son back up most of my data on a disc, there were some scary moments.  After several calls to aol, and several very frantic phone calls to my son, I think that I am all set. 

Having my blog totally disappear was another worry, so if one day you visit and find me gone, at least you will know what happened.  Dee www.crochetingwithdee.com sent me quite a few great photos to share with you, but I still have not quite figured out how to get them from her e-mail to here.  I am so afraid of losing them in cyber space, that I am awaiting help before attempting it.

Back to crochet - At my Monday class, Marlene arrived with another bag of preemie hats for the Caps for the Capitol project.  Her total has exceeded fifty now.  Who says one person cannot make a difference.  Marlene apologized for having done so few this week, she commented that she had a few other things to do also  :-)

I forgot my camera, so the promised pictures of finished items will have to wait till next time. 

Have a great day


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