Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Buffalo Conference

Good Morning Everyone,

Just about recovered from the conference, not all unpacked as yet, but almost.

We arrived on Tuesday afternoon, and as I walked into the hotel, the first person that I saw was Molly Andries from Crochet Texas (I am an honorary member of the group) and it was so good to see Molly. When I taught at the Dallas/Fort Worth Fiber Fest, Molly hosted me after the event, and she ran me ragged taking me all over the area. If you ask Molly, she will swear that it was me who ran her ragged :-). Crochet Texas is celebrating their anniversary and they invited me to join them for a celebratory dinner the next night. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera that night (it happened a lot) so I am waiting for some pictures from others in the group. They presented me with a lovely crochet hook, featuring the Yellow Rose of Texas, literally bringing me to tears. My pictures do not do justice to the beautifully hand crafted hook, made by Brian of Braines Barn Hooks

As I walked into the lobby, I looked across the room and saw two familiar faces holding up their badges, pointing and literally grinning at me. Of course it was Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss holding up their "OLD BROADS RULE" pins. Jean and Rita presented me with my pin last year, inviting me into their very exclusive club, only 3 members at present. I forget all the rules, but all others are OBITS - (Old Broads in Training). What a great way to start the conference.

Wednesday was Professional Development Day, and I always enjoy that day
tremendously. Quite a few years ago, I was the keynote speaker at PDD day, and I can still feel the glow of getting up there and speaking to all those eager faces. I love seeing the enthusiasm of new designers with all their ideas ready to explode out of them. The energy in the room is infectious.

Thursday began my teaching schedule, and I'll continue with individual posts about that.

Have a great day!


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Perry said...

That Molly and those Texas gals are THE BESTEST!!