Saturday, August 1, 2009

More on Lion Brand

Happy Saturday Everyone,

While I was at the Lion Brand Studio last Sunday, I met Maritza. Maritza told me about her Mom, Julia, who is an avid crocheter. Mom is in her eighties and has lost sight in one eye.

I asked Maritza if she would would share
Julia's story with us. I received this e-mail and the photos with Maritza's permission to share them with you.

Hello, Margaret. It was a pleasure to meet you last Sunday. I'll bet your free-form class was a big hit. When we talked I offered to send you a photo of the quilt my mom made out of Vanna's Choice yarn. This was the second quilt she made (with several bags in between) after she lost the vision in her right eye last year. She was very discouraged when she first suffered the loss of her vision, thinking she wouldn't be able to knit or crochet again. You can see she didn't stay discouraged for very long. She picked up her life-long love of yarn with a small bag, then another bag, then two quilts, the latest of which is enclosed. She will turn 85 in September and continues to find joy and challenge in her knitting and crocheting. Presently, she's making a market bag blending two complimentary yarns. She follows all her patterns by sight, never having learned American instructions. I continue to be impressed with her creativity and courage - qualities I've seen in her my whole life.

Thanks again for your encouraging words. Best of luck with your designs - I will be checking them out myself.

Way to go Julia, continue creating such beautiful things. That's Maritza in the last photo. Thanks for sharing with us Maritza.

Have a great day


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