Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Good Morning Everyone,

Home from the conference, happy but so tired.
I arrived home last night after an uneventful drive home.
We stopped and stretched often, weather was great, no
traffic, all in all a long but ok trip.

I have not unpacked and my camera is still in my bags, but I did want
to share one thing with you before I start blogging about the conference
(maybe later on). About a month ago I saw a little ad on face book and
I clicked on it and found the most amazing site about hand painted
clogs. Well I was looking for some comfortable shoes to wear to
the conference and these appealed to me. After reading for a short
time I discovered that you could design your own. I called the
company, and before long I was working with their artist and
creating my own personal clogs. I love, love, love them! Not only
were they the hit of the conference, but they are so comfortable I could
not take them off. I actually wore them on my way to the Fashion
show and banquet and put on my "heels" at the door :-)

Since I teach both knitting and crochet classes, my clogs had to
show both knitting needles and a crochet hook. I think that I drove
Lisa, the artist, a little nutty with my requests for color etc, but
she was such a pleasure to work with and I was truly thrilled
with the results.

I have no affiliation with this company at all, just a very happy, satisfied
customer with happy feet. I taught 7 workshops, standing the most
part of every day that I was there, and felt terrific. Thanks Curtis and Shawna
and Lisa for a great product and great service.

They are theswanx.com

Have a great day



Sorka said...

Those are beautiful!! Wow! What a fun idea!! I am filing that one away for when I have some mad money!

Terri said...

Very nice!

Tom & Glo said...

The shoes are awesome! I would love to have a pair...gonna check it out!

thanks for sharing.