Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Good Morning Everyone,

I finally got some photos of my trip into the computer and I would like to share some adventures with you.

Just before I left for California, there was an invitation extended to any designers coming to TNNA, who would like to attend a meeting of the Stitch and Beach group in Seal Beach.  I saw the invitation on Ravelry, which by the way, is an amazing site, which I have not totally learned to navigate yet, but it sure is fun.  If you have not joined yet, go to
and check it out.

I accepted the invitation, and after a few e-mails back and forth and a few phone calls, one of the members offered to pick me up at my hotel.
I had a ball at the meeting.  What a great group, they have close to 200 members, they meet every week.  All 200 do not go every time, but they average about 25 a week.

Angela, on the right, is the one who issued the invitation

Me and Jennifer Baylis, founder of the group.
Jennifer is involved in a special project, check it out, I plan to contribute.

Susan picked me up at the hotel and got me safely to the meeting.
Becky took me back, but unfortunately, I did not get a picture with Becky.  Thank you both.

Angela and me, thanks for inviting me Angela!

Have a great day everyone, more pictures from California tomorrow, I must get some work done now.


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