Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ravelry etc

Happy Sunday Everyone,

I am coming into the homestretch of finishing up everything that needs to be done for the conference.  All my booklets are done, my workshop suitcases packed, one new top to wear finished - still to do - finishing touches on my fashion show garment, getting my clothes ready to pack.

I leave Tuesday morning, so I still have some work to do.

I have been so rushed that I have not been checking my ravelry lists the past few day.  When I checked this morning, I found a nice surprise.

A few months ago Casey's dad, Thom, was in an accident and quite a few ravelry members came together to send Thom an afghan of love.
This tremendous undertaking was finally finished and Casey delivered it to Thom.  The happy look on Thom's face says it all.  I was very happy to be involved in this, I managed to get 3 little squares made - great job all.

Thom wrapped in love from ravelry members!

If you do not know about ravelry go to
to find out about it.  They were recently written up in a very
nice article at;

Have a great day


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