Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Hi Everyone,

Today was a fun day for me.  I attended an event in a nearby town, and also attending were some very old and dear friends.

I've known this family for many years, and B, one of the youngest of the family brought me up to date on her siblings.  We exchanged e-mail
addresses, and when I got home I wrote to her, and she wrote back.
It started me on a trip down memory lane. 

B and 3 of her siblings were models for me in my early books. They are on lots of pages of ONE PIECE KNITS THAT FIT, WEEKEND CROCHET PROJECTS and MORE WEEKEND CROCHET. 

I still get lots of mail about ONE PIECE KNITS.  It was my first book and probably my most popular.

Any way, it was fun going back and checking out the old photos and comparing them to the lovely young lady I saw today.

Have a great day


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