Monday, July 16, 2007


Hi Everyone,

It is Monday Afternoon.  I returned home from the conference about 5:30 pm last night, then turned around and went out with my son and family, returning home about 10:30.  My suitcases were still in the car and my grandson literally dumped them in my front door, when they dropped me off.  I was not able to even look at them last night, and had to run out to teach a class this morning so they are still sitting there :-).  Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

The conference was so fabulous, one of the best that I have attended.  Every single minute was fun for me.  The picture is of Yvonne with her fabulous entrelac crochet top.  Von learned
entrelac in one of my workshops.  I would say that she definitely took it a step further. 

After meeting and greeting everyone on arrival Tuesday, several of us walked up to a little pizza place and had a bite to eat.  The next morning was Professional Development Day and we had to be there bright and early.  

In addition to lots of little goodies,there were skeins of yarn on the tables and everyone was
encouraged to make some afghan squares for charity.  I
made 3, and it was lots of fun, crocheting
away and listening to the awesome program.  Rita Weiss, president of CGOA, author,  publisher, great lady, and much more, ran the program.  The panel consisted of Carol Alexander, editor of CROCHET!, Susan Sullivan, LEISURE ARTS, Kim Werker, INTERWEAVE CROCHET, Jean Leinhauser (how in the world do you fit every thing Jean has done in a line or two?).  Kathleen Sams from Coats and Clark was supposed to be there but had plane connection problems.  She did arrive later in the day.  Rita and Jean were so funny together I told them that they could have been a comedy duo.

We were shown several slides of items that were submitted to magazines or yarn companies.  The panel then critiqued each item and told why they would or would not have chosen that item for their publication/company.  It was a very informative morning.

After lunch, we had a choice of picking 3 lectures thatwe could attend.  I chose a computer lesson on how to make
yourself known on the Internet with Kim Werker,  how to present your ideas for publication, with Edie Eckman, and how to get some free publicity, with Lily Chin.  What a great way to spend a day.

Too much to report at one time, more to come tomorrow, and all week.

Have a great day!


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