Friday, June 11, 2010

More Fun at Lion Brand

Good Morning Everyone,

Its been a very busy week, and as usual the days go flying by. After my visit to Lion Brand on Thursday evening, I headed back there on Sunday afternoon for a master class in finishing. The weather forecast was dire, with tornado warnings, rain and wind, but luckily I never saw the rain. It rained while I was in the studio, not a drop all the way home, but evidence that it had poured all over the place.

As usual, the Lion Brand staff was most welcoming and helpful in getting me set up. The class room was large and bright,with a huge table for spreading out our work. We had a great time in the class, everyone learning how to sew seams, set in sleeves, zippers, pockets etc. The afternoon flew by and soon it was time to head home.

Have a great weekend Everyone!



The Sunroom said...

That sure look like my kinda fun :-)

Anonymous said...

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