Friday, June 22, 2007


Good Morning Everyone,

book has finally arrived and it was so
worth the wait.  The idea for the coat
was conceived by Prudence Mapstone
 in the summer of 2005, while attending
the Knit/Crochet conference in Oakland, Ca.

 At that conference a CGOA chapter from Pa,
had a garment in the fashion show that was
a group effort.  They issued a challenge to
other groups to create their own garment
for the next years fashion show.  Prudence
 took up the challenge, rallied us together,
and off we were.  We had several discussions
 and decided that we would do two garments,
a coat and a shawl.  Prudence volunteered to
 put the garments together if we all contributed
a scrumble or two.  Our coat of many scrumbles
 and the beautiful shawl are the results.  64 members
 of the International Free Form group participated.
Members from many different countries.
Prudence received so many scrumbles that she
not only made the coat and shawl but also covered
an umbrella to make the most vivid
parasol that ever was!

Prudence documented the process, then decided
to publish a book showing how we did it.  This is
not an instruction book, but a book of sheer

In addition to the photos, many of the contributors
wrote some of their thougths and experiences
with free form.

You can purchase this book from me.
 The cost is $29.95 plus shipping
($2.00 for book rate, $5.00 for priority). 
Unfortunately, I have not been able to
 put it on my web site as yet, but you can
write to me at for
ordering instructions.

Have a great day!


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